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Keeping your WordPress website up to date

WordPress developed websites are the most popular content management system websites around. Just as you need regular maintenance and updates for your smart phone, you also need regular updates for your WordPress website.

We strongly recommend to all of our customers, as well as anyone who has a WordPress website, please try to keep this updated to the latest and most compatible version. We’ll explain below why we suggest your site is continually maintained as it is not only crucial for your online business, but your personal and secure business information.

WordPress is created by a community of developers and is free to download and use as a content management system. To keep up with evolving industry standards, WordPress developers update each new release with bug fixes, new features, performance improvements, and enhancements to existing functionality.

In other words, if you don’t update your WordPress site, you run the danger of losing out on new features and enhancements while also jeopardising the security of your website.

Perhaps the most crucial reason to keep your WordPress website updated is security.

WordPress is a popular platform, making it a typical target for hackers, distributors of harmful code, data thieves, and cybercriminals.

Anyone can study the source code to learn about WordPress because it is open source. But that also means that cybercriminals can research this and discover new ways to access websites.

Each time a security vulnerability is discovered a new patch will be released so that users of WordPress can update their website knowing that they will be kept secure from any targeting. This implies that if you are not using WordPress’ most recent version, you are potentially utilising software that has known security flaws.

Hackers can take advantage of plugins in addition to WordPress itself. You must always ensure that the WordPress core, themes, and plugins are all up to date.

WordPress programmers are constantly working to speed up the platform. Every new iteration of WordPress has several performance enhancements that make it operate faster, securely and more effectively.

Second to security, you should keep your WordPress up to date to provide optimal performance advantages as speed plays a significant role in SEO. Google will penalise a website that does not meet a certain criteria of load speed. With regular updates to your WordPress CMS you can ensure that the platform will perform to it’s best.

Despite thorough testing before major releases, WordPress issues occasionally manage to elude detection. To take that into consideration, there are regular minor WordPress releases which can be updated regularly depending on their compatibility and the importance of what they are updating.

To make sure they’re utilising the most recent features and improvements, WordPress plugin and theme authors frequently time their upgrades to coincide with significant WordPress releases. We primarily develop our WordPress websites with Elementor and supported Elementor plugins which are kept up to date as frequently as WordPress.

If your existing WordPress plugins weren’t developed in accordance with best practises and coding standards, an update may occasionally cause them to malfunction. Just clicking on that Update button doesn’t solve all of the problems, as you’ll need to identify which plugins, themes and WordPress versions are compatible with one another. If you freely click or update WordPress, Plugins or Themes, you may experience bugs, critical errors and not being able to access your website.

If you would like a free review of your WordPress website, please get in touch with us today.