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Ewing Industries

Ewing Industries is an innovative online retailer specializing in the manufacturing and sale of premium bathroom, kitchen, and laundry tapware, showers, mixers, fittings, and accessories. Their extensive product range also includes sensory items designed to cater to the unique needs of children and individuals with cognitive impairments, limited grip strength, low vision, and other sensory impairments.

Our collaboration with Ewing Industries involved the development of a feature-rich ecommerce website. At the client’s request, we implemented a customized solution that utilized a “request a quote” system, providing customers with the convenience of requesting quotes for desired products instead of traditional online purchasing.

Leveraging WordPress CMS and Elementor, along with carefully selected third-party plugins, we crafted a fully responsive and user-friendly website. With an extensive inventory of over 500 products and intuitive category filtering options, we aimed to deliver an optimal user experience, facilitating easy navigation and informed decision-making.

In partnering with Ewing Industries, we embarked on an engaging project that yielded tangible outcomes. The client’s specific requirement for the “request a quote” functionality shaped our approach. We are pleased with the successful implementation of this feature, which enhances the overall user journey on the website.

In summary, our collaboration with Ewing Industries was an enriching experience that enabled us to develop a dynamic ecommerce platform. If you are seeking a reputable online retailer that offers exceptional products and prioritizes customer satisfaction, we confidently recommend exploring the offerings of Ewing Industries.